5 Great Reasons to choose Bookkeeping as a career

Bookkeepers are the front line hero's of small to medium sized businesses. Whether its a bank loan, investment, cash flow, or tax liability in the businesses near future, the Bookkeepers books and records will dictate the outcome and results, which need to be favorable to the organization.


1) Think of the number of companies out there. Every company needs to have accurate Books and Records to succeed. Bookkeepers are a key component to making all companies succeed. Growth rate is greater than 10% each year according to the Department of Labor.


2) With bookkeeping, you can take control of your career. Get started right away, and work as much as you need to. Many folks enter the field with a high school diploma or some college education. You can now become Certified with our classes through the American Institute of Public Bookkeepers.


3) Bookkeeping is the perfect start-up company. There are very little costs to start. All you need is a computer, education, and your time.  You can choose which options you would like to offer: Payroll, General Bookkeeping, H/R, Financial Management, Collection work.. There are many possibilities and various revenue producing streams.


4) If you enjoy people, you could work in a bookkeeping job where you interact with clients.  If you are on the reserved side, there are plenty of jobs in which you don’t have to socialize as much. If you love getting out of the office, work in a job where you travel to various clients’ place of business.


5) The upper 10 percent of Bookkeepers earns in excess of $54,470 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can take your certification and work for medium sized companies instead of small mom and pop shops to further your career. Working for yourself yields endless possibilities and freedom.


What is a Certified Bookkeeper? 


A Certified Bookkeeper is a prestigious credential that demonstrates that you have the ability to Bookkeep for small to medium size companies. After passing a 6 part exam, and certifying a code of ethics, you will earn the C.B designation after your name.


Bookkeepers are becoming more important and needed as tax laws change, as banks change underwriting requirements, IRS audits become more challenging, and companies need to look for a favorable cashflow to survive.


Earn you designation today with us and begin your journey to helping companies, helping your family, and most important, enjoying what you do.